Chefs In Training Summer Camp

Looking for a fun Summer Activity?

Rapids FHT offers a day camp for children ages 7-11 interested in cooking and nutrition.

July 10-14 & July 17-21 in Sarnia & August 14-18 in Corunna

11AM-1PM daily - FREE! 

Click here for an application form, download it, fill it in and return to:

1150 Pontiac Dr., Sarnia or 233 Cameron St., Corunna





Corunna - Shell Health Centre

Rapids Family Health Team operates a satellite clinic at 233 Cameron St. in Corunna and provide laboratory services to all residents of St. Clair Township. We also offer one-on-one counseling and group classes with our Registered Dietitian, Registered Social Worker and Registered Nurse Educator. 

Welcome to Rapids

The Rapids Family Health Team is funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to help FHO physicians assist their patients in meeting their health care needs. We work with patients to prevent future health issues and manage existing health issues.