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Click here to check out this video of the serivces and staff of the Women's Interval Home of Sarnia Lambton.

November is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the Women’s Interval Home of Sarnia-Lambton would be very pleased if agencies would display purple lights starting November 1st in support of our Shine the Light on domestic abuse campaign. At 5:30 on November 1st we will be holding a silent candlelight vigil and tree lighting ceremony in tandem with Hiatus House of Windsor, who just lost one of their clients to intimate partner violence. This year the lighting ceremony is extremely important to us in Sarnia. Over the past 20 months, through COVID, the number of femicides and women presenting to shelter has spike across Ontario. In Sarnia, we have been at maximum capacity and above capacity much of the time.  Regrettably, since December, Sarnia-Lambton has experienced 4 femicides, two of these women were murdered by intimate partners, one was by a family member. If any of your staff would like to join us for this very sad yet important event, please present at our shelter at 681 Oxford St. at 5:30 pm on November 1st (with mask and social distancing).

On November 20th, we are holding our Walk a Mile event at Lambton Mall at 11am. This year we have changed the event into a performance art event focusing on language we hear in our community used to oppress people.

As the Women’s Interval Home, we are most interested in language that justifies Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence, and from an intersectional approach. For instance, Indigenous women are impacted by the institutional structures built by settler colonialism. These structures are accompanied by language that are used to wrongly support and justify oppression and abuse towards Indigenous women. We can also use an intersectional approach to consider how trans and queer females are spoken about and are treated in our community, and which lead to barriers that prevent them from reaching their full potential.

This year, we are asking agencies, communities, businesses to host a fence on which people can write the negative language that creates barriers in their lives. On November 20th, the fence will be placed around a bodice, built by local artist Mary Abma, at Lambton Mall. After a couple speeches we will dismantle the fence and walk with pieces of this hateful language to the other end of the mall, accompanied by a piper. At the halfway point we will dispose of the negative messages and write positive messages on tags attached to keys to unlock a new way to be in community with one another. As we transform negative language into positive messages, Janelle from Calm and Scents will sing The Strong Woman Song. We will then walk back to the starting point and hang the positive messages on the bodice which will remain as an enduring representation of the respectful and supportive community that so many of us are working towards.

We invite each of you to host one of our fences so that staff and any public (understanding COVID has impacted foot traffic) may write on our fence.

We also invite you to put in a team to the Walk a Mile event. Although we are reaching our funding goal, we are short on our number of teams participating. Masks and hand sanitizer will be made available and social distancing rules will be respected.  If you are interested to enter a team of 6 or more, please make up an interesting team name and join our event by signing up on our website through Race Roster