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Allied Health Professionals


Pharmacist role in FHT:

  • Medication review, consult with physicians in selecting the best treatment
  • Monitor side effects and drug interaction
  • Monitor INR and make the necessary changes.
  • Certified Diabetes Educator
  • Educate patients on their medication.

The profession of Chiropody/Podiatry involves the act of assessing and treating lower limb and foot conditions.  The Chiropodist and Podiatry terms are interchangeable, and encompass the only regulated professionals in regards to the treatment and assessment of foot conditions. 

Nurse Educators

Nurse Educators are Registered Nurses who provide health promotion and chronic disease management education and support to clients. Teaching includes diabetes/prediabetes education, smoking cessation (quit smoking) counselling and COPD & lung health education. The Nurse Educators will work with the client to develop a self-management plan. 

The Diabetes Nurse Educator (or Certified Diabetes Educator) role at Rapids Family Health Team provides services such as:

  • education for newly diagnosed or previously diagnosed individuals with diabetes
  • information on diabetes prevention
  • glucometer training
  • insulin start education and ongoing support
  • provide insight on financial support opportunities for individuals with diabetes

What is a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)


Nurse Educator for Smoking Cessation Counselling (or Certified Tobacco Educator) role at Rapids Family Health Team provides services such as:

  • educate clients on the benefits to quitting tobacco
  • helping clients develop their quit plan (review triggers, coping skills and stress management)
  • educate clients about medications, tools and resources available for smoking cessation
  • provide dosing of nicotine replacement therapy and ongoing support
Nurse Case Manager

A nurse case manager is a health care professional who specializes in helping patients with their health care services and needs.  Nurse case managers act as liaisons between patients, their families, and health care personnel to ensure efficient and prompt health care services.

Case management is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s and family’s comprehensive health needs through communication and available resources to promote quality outcomes.

The nurse case manager is recognized as an expert and serves as an important facilitator among the patient, family or caregiver, the health team, and the community.  Nurse case managers are vital participants in the care coordination team who empower people to understand and access quality, efficient health care.



Clinical Psychologists receive undergraduate and graduate level University education, and rigorous pre-doctoral and post-doctoral clinical training and experience that enables them to provide an in-depth understanding and treatment of behavioral, emotional, cognitive, interpersonal, organizational and social problems. Clinical Psychologists are certified and governed by the Ontario College of Psychologists.

The Clinical Psychologists at Rapids Family Heath are integral members of the multidisciplinary treatment team providing the following Psychologist services:

  • Psycho-diagnostic evaluation and assessment;
  • Consultation and collaboration with Physicians and other allied health staff toward the comprehensive and effective treatment of patients presenting with chronic illness, chronic pain, stress and other medical/psychological issues;
  • Multi-disciplinary Treatment Planning;
  • Conducting in-depth individual, couples, family and group psychotherapy for the treatment of depression, anxiety, family dysfunction and other emotional, cognitive and behavioral disorders;
  • Crisis intervention for patients presenting with severe and acute psychological disorders;

Referrals for Psychological Services at Rapids Family Health are made by your family physician.  Please request a referral if you are emotionally dissatisfied or disconnected from yourself, spouse,  family or your work,  and you want to discover ways to be happier.  We look forward to meeting and working with you.

Health Promotion/Communications

Health promotion is designed to ensure that the health and well-being of individuals is optimized.  Rapids Family Health Team believes that the best way to address health issues is to do things with people rather than doing things for them. When patients actively participate in their care it enables them to take greater control over the conditions affecting their health. Our Health Promoter works closely with our clinical staff, patients and physicians to ensure we are providing and promoting quality programs to make a positive impact on our patients’ health and overall well-being.

Registered Dietitians

Registered Dietitians are the recognized food and nutrition professionals in Canada. They have an Honors Degree in Nutrition as well as complete an internship or master’s program. Our dietitian's are always striving to have the most up-to-date information in the area of nutrition and seek ongoing training and education.  Some of our Dietitian's are also Certified Diabetes Educators, which means they have additional training and experience counselling people with diabetes. To learn more about what a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) is please click here.

Our Dietitians offer individual counselling and group nutrition programs.  They provide a wide range of services including helping you:  

  • Manage your existing health conditions with diet (including diabetes, high cholesterol, celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, anemia’s and other micronutrient deficiencies and more)
  • Achieve and maintain a body weight that is healthy for you;
  • Learn to eat mindfully, paying attention to taste and listening to your internal cues of hunger and fullness, while eating a balanced diet so you can feel your best;
  • Learn to read and understand food labels;
  • Plan what to eat when you are pregnant 
  • And more! 
Registered Social Workers 

Registered Social Workers

Clinical Social Workers at Rapids Family Health Team are part of a multidisciplinary treatment team, and   focus on the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of mental health.  Members of the clinical social work team hold a Master’s degree in Social work from a Canadian University, and are registered and governed by the College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.   

The Clinical Social Workers at Rapids Family Health Team work with individuals, couples, families, groups and the community.  They provide the following services:

  • Psychosocial assessment;
  • Treatment planning;
  • Individual and group psycho-education;
  • Educational workshops;
  • Consultations with other allied professionals
  • Problem solving;
  • Stress management;
  • Cognitive Behavioural  Therapy for the treatment of anxiety and depression;
  • Treatment approaches for individual psychosocial issues that impact cognitive, emotional, behavioural, physical, spiritual and social wellbeing; and
  • Advocate and facilitate referrals to community agencies

A referral to a registered clinical social worker can be made through your family physician or allied healthcare provided.  We look forward to meeting and working with you.









Occupational Therapist

The Occupational Therapist (OT) provides support to patients who are experiencing difficulty with everyday tasks as a result of chronic or acute health conditions or disabilities. The Occupational Therapist may also see family caregivers to help minimize their risk of injury, manage caregiver stress, or connect them with community resources.

Examples include:

  • Issues related to balance/ falls prevention
  • Challenges related to cognition  (i.e. memory, attention,  executive functioning)
  • Returning to work after lengthy illness or injury
  • Fit to Drive screens
  • Chronic pain
  • Caregiver stress

Treatment may include cognitive screenings, functional assessments, therapeutic exercises, education, recommending mobility aids and adaptive devices and accessing ADP funding for mobility aids.

Our Occupational Therapist is also involved in instructing the Boosting Balance and Bone Health program and Memory and Aging program.  If you feel Occupational Therapy would be of benefit to you, please contact your family doctor's office. 




Nurse Practitioners

Nurse Practitioners (NPs) at the Rapids Family Health Team function both autonomously and in collaboration with other health care professionals to provide client centered primary care. NPs diagnose, manage and treat common illnesses, injuries and chronic diseases through comprehensive focused physical assessment and appropriate diagnostic tests. Nurse Practitioners provide preventative immunizations, cancer and chronic disease screening and collaborate with other allied health professionals to educate patients and families regarding healthy lifestyles and healthcare options.