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Boosting Balance and Bone Health

Virtual Boosting Balance & Bone Health

Education Series (we are building this video collection-watch for more to come)

All About Balance Video #1 - Education Series- Click here

OC REPLAY - Osteoporosis Canada’s REPLAY features some of our most popular online content on bone health and managing osteoporosis.

Boosting Balance with Proper Nutrition - Click here

Medications and Balance-click here (15 mins)

Living Well at Home - Click here (37 mins)

Exercise Series 

Video #1 Boosting Balance Static Exercise - 21 mins - Click here

Video #2 Boosting Balance Advanced Dynamic Balance Exercises (warm up - exercies - cool down) 23 Minutes - Click here

Video #3 Boosting Balance and Bone Health Strength Exercises (warm up - exercises - cool down) 35 Minutes - Click here

Video #4 Boosting Balance & Bone Health Static & Advanced Dynamic Balance Exercises (warm up - exercises - cool down) 31 Minutes - Click here

Normally our Boostng Balance Program is a 5 week in-person  program, run by a registered occupational therapist, designed to gradually improve balance and strength to avoid falls and maintain independence as well as educate individuals on keeping bones healthy. Education group sessions include overview of bone health, dietary and medication practices to maintain strong bones, and home safety tips. Individuals who are able to safely take part in a supervised exercise program are invited to register.

Program format Two-hour sessions running one-per-week across 5 weeks. One hour is designated for group exercise, and one hour is designated for education on bone health.

Eligibility: Individuals over the age of 50 who have concerns related to bone health or have been diagnosed with low bone mass/osteoporosis are invited to register.

No physician referral required.

Program offered by: 

Rapids Family Health Team (Sarnia & Corunna) call 519-339-8949 to register.

West Lambton Community Health Centre (Sarnia) call 519-344-3017 ext. 259 to register.

North Lambton Community Health Centre (Forest & Kettle Point) call 519-786-4545 to register. 

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